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A bicycle is like a fine tuned instrument, and like a piano, it requires periodic tuning and service to keep making beautiful music. Our Gold Level Tune Up is the best way to ensure that your bicycle is operating safely and at its peak performance. New Canaan Bicycles is the only provider of Cycles On Call, The Bicycle Shop That Comes to You.

Diamond Overhaul


Free Pickup & Delivery

  • Is the service de rigueur. Sand, road salt and even perspiration react violently with bicycle components.
  • Everything in the Platinum Tune-Up+
  • All bearings cleaned inspected lubricated
  • Spoke nipples cleaned and treated for corrosion
  • 25 Point Safety and Performance Test

Platinum Tune-Up


Free Pickup & Delivery

  • On riding your heart out; you’re an A plus.  On servicing your bicycle regularly; you’re a C minus.  Give your ride the respect it deserves with this deep cleaning Tune-Up.
  • Gold Level Tune-Up to the nth degree
  • 25 Point Safety and Performance Test


Gold Level Tune-Up


Recommended annual bicycle servicing

Wheels trued, spokes tensioned

  • Headset, Hub, and Crank Bearings adjusted
  • Crank bolts, stem, and seat bolts tightened to manufacturer's torque spec
  • All cables lubricated
  • Brakes and Gears adjusted
  • All Components evaluated for safety and performance
  • Frame, Component, and Chain Cleaning
  • 25 Point Safety and Performance Test