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25 Point Safety and Performance Test

  1. Frame is free of severe rust, cracks, dents or severe bends.
  2. Frame is straight.
  3. Wheels run true, secure to frame and fork and spokes tensioned.
  4. Rider is aware of quick release wheel operation.
  5. Tire casings are without cuts or severe dryness.
  6. Tire tread is not excessively worn.
  7. Tires inflated to maximum pressure.
  8. Brakes return to center when applied.
  9. Brake cables will not slip under 80 lb load.
  10. Brake pads are not excessively and are adjusted within 3mm of rim.
  11. Brakes inner cables are free of kinks, well lubricated, trimmed and ends covered.
  12. Brake housing correct length to allow handlebars to turn to limit.
  13. Brake levers tight, cables seated properly.
  14. Headset bearings adjusted, checked for brinelled surface.
  15. Handlebars straight, stem tightened, 8Nm.
  16. Grips or bar tape secure, end plugs installed.
  17. Seat post and seat are securely tightened.
  18. Chain is clean, lubricated and conforms to manufacturers specification for stretch.
  19. Cogs and chainwheels not excessively worn.
  20. Derailleur cables free of kinks, properly lubricated, trimmed and ends are covered.
  21. Derailleurs function throughout the range of gears, limit screws checked.
  22. Front derailleur cage to chainwheel clearance 3mm.
  23. Crank bolts, pedals and chainwheel bolts tightened.
  24. Pedals spin freely.
  25. Bicycle functions flawlessly throughout test ride.